January 30, 2024

Nestled amidst the beauty of Salem, Massachusetts, Kernwood Country Club isn't just a haven for seasoned golfers. We nurture the next generation of champions through our vibrant Junior Golf Program. This Program is not just about birdies and bogeys – it's about fostering well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills to ace both the course and life itself.

Why choose Kernwood for your junior golfer?

1. Building a Strong Foundation: Our PGA-certified instructors, Frank, Steve, Keith and Craig, tailor lessons and golf schools to each skill level, teaching proper technique, swing mechanics, and course etiquette. We watch your child blossom from whiffs to confident swings, all while instilling a love for the game.

2. Mind Over Muscle: Golf is as much mental as it is physical. We help young minds develop critical thinking skills like problem-solving, strategic planning, and resilience. The pressure of each shot teaches focus, patience, and the ability to bounce back from challenges – invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the fairway.

3. Physical Fitness Fun: Let's face it, screens can be a magnet. Our program gets kids outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine while walking, swinging, and practicing their game. They'll build core strength, coordination, and hand-eye coordination, all disguised as fun on the course.

4. Making Memories, Forging Friendships: The camaraderie on the green is unmatched. Junior golfers connect with peers who share their passion, building friendships that blossom on the course and extend into the clubhouse. The social aspect strengthens communication skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship, creating lasting bonds that go beyond the final putt.

5. Scholarship Opportunities: Golf opens doors! College scholarships for talented junior golfers are plentiful, and our program helps players reach their competitive potential. We provide guidance on tournament play, college recruiting, and the skills needed to excel at the next level.

Interested in learning more about what Kernwood has to offer your Junior Golfer? Contact us today!

January 17, 2022

Golf course architect Robert McNeil of Northeast Golf Company has completed renovation work at Kernwood Country Club in Salem, Massachusetts.

Work at the club began in 2006 after a gas line was installed, directly through the path of several holes. McNeil has since provided design services, including short- and long-range master planning, for several projects.

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July 19th, 2017

There are plenty of golf television shows on regional sports networks. For the most part though, they focus on instruction or course layouts.

When NESN debuts "On Course with Andy Brickley" on Saturday, it's hoping to use golf to bring out the personalities of area athletes in a more relaxed environment.

Brickley, who plays five or six times a week, knows his way around the golf course almost as well as he does the hockey rink.

"I hope they get a little more educated about the guest — who they are, what they are all about, their sense of humor, their sense of competition. The human interest aspect of it," the former Bruin said during a filming Monday at Kernwood Country Club in Salem. "Some stuff can be repetitive if you're reading papers and you're online and stuff.

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July 19th, 2017

One of the more deflating things a golfer can go through during a round is watching shot after shot sail off to the right.

The dreaded slice.

According to Frank Dully, PGA head professional at Kernwood Country Club in Salem for the last 20 years, two major things that cause the ball to slice are an open club face and an incorrect swing path. He offered up a couple ways to try to straighten out the slice.

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